"Red Markets" guide for newbies

"Red Markets" is a near-future zombie apocalypse tabletop RPG. There are some notable and worthwhile things about it I should note for players new to this particular game.

I'll note that, while I am very much a fan of RM, I, too, am quite new to it--that is, keep in mind that my take her is just my own, and might be off without me realizing it

When, Where?
"Red Markets" takes place at an unspecified near-future date (I like to think of the late 2030s, but "20 Minutes Into The Future" motto a la "Max Headroom" works fine). It takes place after world-wide catastrophes have caused the near-complete (but *not* total) collapse of industrial society: first, there were the "mundane" threats of creeping fascism, a degraded cliamte, and the ever-growing chasm between the haves and have-nots. This was all followed by a literal, world-wide, zombie outbreak. The game, at present, focuses on the former United States, divided along the Mississippi into the West (the "Loss", where the survivors have been abanonded to their fate), and the East (the "Recession", where society and government is impoverished, but functioning).

Who am I?
Players take on the roll of "takers", entrepeneurs within fortified enclaves within the Loss, who venture beyond their compound walls to commit heists and scams to make money.

Think of them a bit like post-apocalyptic Shadowrunners, but with zombies and global warming; sans orcs, elves, and magic.

How is this any different than any other zombie fiction?
We seem to be having a veritable horde of zombie fiction lately. The genre shambles along like their iconic monster. So, how *is* RM different? It has a heart, it has a brain.

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