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Motorcycle gang that operates out of Navy Town.

Details Which Emerged During Gaming

Details Which Were Proposed During Planning

Formerly affiliated with Hell's Angels, the Infidels had a violent split a few years before the Crash. Split was partly due to cultural differences (Infidels is made of Bush-era GWOT veterans, as opposed to the elder HAMC leadership, which is largely Nam vets). Infidels also has a much more multicultural outlook: whereas Outlaw MCs are often stereotyped as white supremacists, Infidels (being made up largely of 21st Century military vets) tends to be welcoming of black and Hispanic members. (They tend to not look to favorably to Muslims, though).

Infidels iconography is often subverted HAMC logos, military logos, and various "Three Percenter"/right wing Spartan fetishist/as well as "Infidel", often written in Arabic, or in English with faux-Arabic styling.

Besides being thugs-for-hire, Infidels's main finance sources were/are making and transporting speed (whether the old-school meth,or the new school speed they have in the core book).

Although they are largely ex-military, the Infidels tended to (and, even post-Crash, still does) sneer at younger members of the military (who were, after all, not even glint in parents' eyes while the elder Infidels were hunting Bin Laden. Nevertheless, "once a Marine, always a Marine", or whatever, so they probably do get along with the Military (especially infantry and special operators) much more than the nerds or the townies.