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Red Markets: Loaded Dice Campaign

The adventures of the Loaded Dice taker crew.

The Taker Crew

present crew

  • Spartacus, Former bank teller, now 'threat management' for the Loaded Dice. Fenceperson turned Taker.
  • Prime, Former drug mule/delivery driver. Latent Taker
  • Wellington, former infosec professional, now a Loss techie/hacker. Archivist ideologue.
  • Salt, new hire

former crew

  • Face, social negotiator/former chemistry teacher
  • Slim, infiltrator/rifleman
  • Hope, doctor

Important Locales

Adventure Logs

Saving Private Bronson

The Long Road

Hit the Books

Milk Run

The Cost of Discovery

Other Links

build notes, from planning

sandbox, if you want to practice wiki syntax

homepage for "Red Markets", a tabletop RPG of zombie apocalypse and economic horror.

sea level rise map

all the early writeups except for:

April 11th