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former NAS Whidbey

Details Which Emerged During Game


military people

  • Lt. Anrea Mahat: working to expand the enclave. Chem user.
  • CPO Wiggum. Senior/experienced-enough of an enlisted man to browbeat a low-level officer. Spartacus's contact
  • Quartermaster Jones


  • Se'ulq: young Salish man. Works as a drone apprentice for Prime's drone franchise startup/plan
  • Peggy: immune nurse. Lost her legs, and gained her handle, as a result. Her popularity among the enclave's latents prevent her from being poached. Prime's contact.
  • Dr. Rebecca Suresh: former architect/civil engineering expert. Got rescued, and now she works to expand Navy Town's docks in Oak Harbor
  • Tim Bronson: former chemistry teacher. Important figure in the scientists' clique
  • "Private" Aidan Bronson: Tim's younger brother. Got hazed while attempting to join the military clique
  • Iron Face: former materials scientist. Works the enclave's forge now. Spartacus's contact
  • Sparks the Radio Guy: Slim's contact

Infidels MC

  • Snake. Prime's contact

rival taker crews

  • Plurality of Roosters: got beat-up from several recent failed/Pyrric contracts they've taken recently
    • Slippery Joe: face. Lost his lucky hat awhile back in the ruins of Darrington.
  • Bacon Eaters: ex-military and/or "Mall Ninja" military fetishistic sorts. Rednecks.
  • Black Math cultists
    • Aristotle: retired from taking due to leg injury. Now a (math?) teacher for the school. Indoctrinating the kids in her ideology.

kids and teachers

  • the "warbabies": quartet of young kids who were surviving in the Loss.
    • Rex: 14 years old, the leader. Has a crush on Taylor, Spartacus's daughter
    • 11 y/o kid
    • 9 y/o kid
    • 7 y/o kid
  • Anna: young, mute, girl. Was formerly living with a crazed LALA in the C-infested ruins of Oak Harbor
  • Ms. Christie
  • Ms. Bradley

Details Which Were Proposed During Planning


Navytown border.jpg
Navytown downtown.jpg
Navytown wide.jpg
  • "The Pitch"

This is the main neighborhood in the enclave, consisting of a few thousand people living in repurposed military tents, or improvised shacks. Along with housing there is a bazaar/market offering whatever goods and services. Space is tight here, although (thankfully) over the years, infrastructure has been built up, meaning life is slightly less shitty (figuratively and literally) for the citizens. Along with the Factory, The Pitch is enclosed by a last-ditch razor wire fence, should the rest of Navy Town be overrun. This is the "normie housing" for the underprivleged poor, the "Townies" who make up the majority of farm workers and laborers in Navy Town.

  • "Factory"

The left-behind chemosynthesis gear (aka the "drug fabbers" aka "pill mills") was stashed in the aircraft hangars. The remain in operation to this day, being one of the big sources of wealth for the community.

  • "The Estate/The Barracks"

Formerly a series of apartments/dorms for Navy personnel, these have become "The Estate" (the dorm building closest to the Factory), where the Captain, his family, and various upper class sorts live, along with "The Barracks" (the rest of the dorm buildings), which is more "middle class". None of these buildings are in great condition, although, yes, The Estate is (naturally) a bit better-maintained than the rest of the Barracks.

  • "Town Hall"

just across the street from The Estate is Town Hall. A former mess hall, this the Captain's office (there is still occasional admin sorta stuff done), the town's public library (housing a few hundred dilapidated and dated books; along with the enclave's (literally) one public computer--if anyone else is lacking a computer, and doesn't want to wait in-line, they have to pay for an Ubiq cafe); various vendors in a secondary market away from The Pitch; along with (as the name implies) a meeting hall for public meetings.

  • "Pick and Pull"

There used to be a lot of other buildings around here, but they are no more: a combo of heavy damage from the fighting during the Crash, intentional clearing to create free-fire zones, and scavenging for materials. Nowadays, various Nerds, generally not working neither with the Factory bosses, nor the Infidels, have set up independent drug production around here in tents and shacks. (Having them a distance away from the Pitch and Factory is also a good idea if they are doing more dangerous reactions).

  • "Hell's Kitchen"

Outside of "Downtown" (the Pitch, Factory, Pick-and-Pull, etc), the "government-sanctioned" cops don't usually bother enforcing the "law" too seriously. Either it's a military patrol on the borders, or it's the Infidels MC goon squad. Their paricular base of operations is "Hell's Kitchen", a housing complex they took over to run their dangerous cooking operations. The good citizens of Navy Town aren't too thrilled with their neighbors, but the bikers make a good secondary patrol force contra any beach attack. This area was formerly heavily forested, but has largely been logged out since the Crash.

  • "Sparta"

This is a small camp in a former recreational camping site near the bridge at Deception Pass. It is the residence primarily of the bridge fence crew, along with a few taker crews (so they have even less far to walk when returning).

  • "Oak Harbor"

The city of Oak Harbor remains a total C-Ville. Efforts go on to scavenge/clear out/reclaim it, but those are unlikely to be accomplished any time soon, if ever.

  • "Red Zone"

This is a mere "semi-feral zone". That is, people are sure there are still Casualties shambling around this area. Because they are occasionally spotted (and quickly dispatched). The Red Zone stands between Downtown and the main farming area ("Farmville"). A lot of effort has to be spent to make sure Townies working the fields stay safe: there is actually a border check on each end of the Red Zone.

  • "Reclamation"

This is Navy Town's latent ghetto. The housing tends to be either dilapidated old buildings, or shit improvised from scavenging. The latents, besides farming their plots, earn their keep by patrolling the Red Zone, along with the occasional raid into Oak Harbor.

  • "Farmville"

The main farming area for the enclave, at the southern border of Navy Town. Beyond that is a disputed "neutral zone" that neither Freetown nor Navy Town bother to enforce, so (besides Navy Town's small logging operation south of the southern palisades), it's mostly just the occasional casualty.


At the Crash, Utility established an operating base out of the airfield. Possibly besides the operators themselves were e.g. a USMC battalion, along with some engineers from the Army and Navy. As things began to wrap up, most of the people left back to the Recession. They left behind a growing "refugee camp" within the confines of the fortification, along with various pieces of logistics/equipment that they didn't have time to pack up before pulling out.

One of the things was a "drug fabricator", about a semi-trailer-sized set of vats, GMO enzymes, etc, that could "fabricate" various useful drugs. (It's like the fabs in Eclipse Phase, like Alan Turing's code-cracking machines are to an iPhone).

As the "refugee camp"/ex-military base coalesced into a permanent community, various pharma and drug people also immigrated to the camp, to work the drug fab, and make their own operations.


  • biker gangs (choppers/advanced scouts/muscles)
  • chems (science nerds, check power of military)
  • military