Saving Private Bronson, conclusion

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We returned the injured Aidan Bronson to his brother, sold the trade goods we had transported from Freeland. We were paid 54 bounty (and also had out gear expenses paid) by Tim Bronson, and were able to sell out trade goods for 27 bounty, for a total payday of 81 bounty. Finally, we got one more bounty for couriering a package to Quartermaster Jones from Freeland. Total of 82 Bounty. (16/taker, remainder 2).

(Note: we also have 4 Bounty of tax documents).

We drank the bottle of good whisky together, celebrating our recent success. (Healing a point of Humanity damage in the process). We spent some of our free time with loved ones:

  • Prime spent time with his 12-year-old nephew “Little Rey”. Rey was in the enclave’s schooling program, which seemed to largely consist of elementary combat training: Prime’s roll at the school was to teach the kids how to fight, with melee weapons, against Cs and Vs. Basically, the enclave is cultivating future fence crew. The kids were largely incompetent, through a combination of freezing up from PTSD, and also just from being young kids.
  • Face spent time in his quarters--originally a room for single officers (basically similar in size and layout to a hotel room), it was now being occupied by Face, his wife, and two kids. He tutored his two kids in chemistry, encouraging them to study hard and eventually join the pharmacist clique, rather than working the wall.
  • Slim spent time with his very-pregnant wife, Helga. Slim made plans to make a crib, and other baby stuff, while Helga wondered why he had waited until she was 8 months pregnant to actually start these chores.
  • Spartacus spent time with her 14-year-old daughter, Taylor. Taylor seemed to have a crush on a new arrival in the enclave: the quartet of kids we had disarmed had made their way back to Navy Town. The oldest, a 14-year-old boy, had caught Taylor’s attention. He seemed mysterious and interesting to her, and he even had a taker name, “Rex”. Spartacus promised Taylor they’d be out of the enclave in a month, but Taylor pointed out Spartacus had made this claim multiple times before.
  • Wellington spent time with his husband, Billy, in their shell of a station wagon that now served as their apartment. Billy felt guilty about “holding back” Wellington. Wellington tried to encourage him by pointing out the good haul the takers had made in their latest contract, and also mentioned his plan about eventually moving to the Recession outpost in Fairbanks, Alaska.

A few other things of note happened during downtime:

  • Quartermaster Jones called in payment of old loan he had given to Face, for a total of 10 bounty.
  • A young, mute girl (named “Anna”) had also joined the kids in the class. She had been living in the ruins of Oak Harbor with a crazed LALA.
  • The LALA had set up all sorts of traps around Oak Harbor--noise makers to attract casualties. A rival taker crew, “Plurality of Roosters” had successfully fulfilled a contract with Lt. Andrea Mahat to clear Oak Harbor, but had, however, lost a member of their crew in the process.
  • There was now talk of expanding the Navy Town enclave into Oak Harbor, in particular taking the docks.

Finally, we also improved our professional taker skills, and got a few new items of gear, in our down time.

After some downtime, we began to look into our next round of jobs:

  • A contract with Lt. Andrea Mahat to do an extraction near Concrete/Devil’s Tower
  • A contract with a person out of Startup (one Natalie Gimbal) for a closure job
  • Loot the medical clinic south of Freeland

We discovered the extraction job being offered by Lt. Mahat was likely the most profitable, so Face went into negotiation for that. Leveraged by the actions of his teammates (including the discovery that Lt. Mahat was a chem user), we were offered 59 bounty for the job.

Lt. Mahat gave us the details of the job: we were to retrieve a quarantecture (“quarantine architecture”) expert, Rebecca Suresh, out of the Concrete/Devil’s Tower area. Suresh’s skills were needed for Navy Town’s proposed expansion into Oak Harbor. She had recently joined an enclave of Meek cultists beyond Devil’s Tower--Meek are one of the more infamous believer cults. They worship the casualties as holy, and some subsets of the cultists were even known to, e.g., attempt to infect enclaves to create more Cs.

Suresh now wished to leave the cultists. Lt. Mahat implied Suresh was “in a tight spot”, but nevertheless not being held against her will--mostly, an escort was needed for Suresh, who was not an expert in surviving beyond enclave walls.

As we contemplated this job, we felt the payment was possibly not enough to cover our expenses, so we also planned to attempt a score to the south.

Job Details

  • Lt. Mahat’s job:
    • 5 legs total (3 there, 2 back?)
    • Pay: 59
    • Gift of “Lembas” MREs (free, extra Refresh for Rations)
  • Going south score:
    • 2 extra legs, but we double-time it (so, consume x2 rations / leg)
    • “Medical gear” is currently priced at 5 Bounty/Haul


Recurring NPCs

Rival Taker Crews

  • Plurality of Roosters: lost a member while clearing Oak Harbor. Presently recuperating

War Babies The orphan bandits safely made it to Navy Town.

  • Rex, 14-year-old boy, leader of the pack
  • 11-year-old kid
  • 9-year-old kid
  • 7-year-old kid


  • Lt. Andrea Mahat. Military officer, working to expand the enclave. Hires takers to accomplish these tasks. Chem user.
  • Quartermaster Jones. Military officer in Navy Town. Got repaid 10 bounty by Face.

New NPCs


  • Snake. Prime’s contact. Infidels gangster.
  • Chief (Petty Officer) Wiggum. Spartacus’s contact. Navy NCO, browbeat a low-level commissioned officer to help out Spartacus.
  • Sparks the Radio Guy. Slim’s contact.


  • Natalie Gimbal. Drone expert out of Startup. Was shopping for a crew to do a closure job. Gotten into some grief with the drone people out of Dream Factory.
  • Anna. Mute, mentally traumatized girl from Oak Harbor.


  • 82 bounty payment from saving Bronson, also no equipment Upkeep costs
    • 54 payment from Tim Bronson, and Upkeep of equipment is paid for
    • 27 payment from selling “Freeland trade goods”
    • 1 payment from delivering package from Marconi in Freeland to Quartermaster Jones in Navy Town
  • 4 bounty worth of tax documents still can be sold/not accounted for
  • Bottle of good whisky shared to recover 1 Humanity damage to every party member
  • 59 Bounty payment from Lt. Mahat for the extraction job
    • 34 base pay and labor
    • 25 bounty from 5 legs of Hazard Pay
  • Medical gear (from the south Whidbey clinic) priced at 5 Bounty/Haul presently