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Former bank teller, now 'threat management' for the Loaded Dice. Fenceperson turned Taker.

Descriptive Details

Female, mid 40s. Caucasian. Shaved dark brown hair. Brown eyes.

'Hair is for farmers and food.'


Grew up in Vancouver, Washington and moved to Seattle for college majoring in Accounting. Married a man named Dennis a few years after school and they opened a small artisanal candle store together. The store went out of business but 'Sparticus' found a job as a bank teller. The single provider household soured the relationship. Sparticus was 'visiting family' in Anacortes with her daughter (then nine years old) when the Crash kicked off and used the event to cut ties. Taylor believes her father to be confirmed dead.

Spartacus has spent the better part of four years on the wall.


  • Taylor (daughter). Fourteen years old, and currently going through Navy Town's mandatory survival training. Infatuated with 'Rex' another trainee. Spartacus does not approve. Side-lined for training as a med tech.

Other Details

  • She is immune.
  • Her only goal at the moment is to keep Taylor off of the fence.
'The lucky ones die.'
  • Has an unnerving habit of not looking at people's eyes, but rather their foreheads.