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Former infosec professional, now a Loss techie and hacker. Archivist ideologue.

Descriptive Details

Male, early 40s. Polynesian heritage. Fairly buff despite being a nerd.


Grew up in Provo, Utah. Moved to Seattle after high school to study computer science at the UW. Met his husband, Billy (a fellow tech nerd), at work. Ended up near Oak Harbor as they attempted to get to Billy's parents on Whidbey Island.


  • Billy (husband). Former tech professional. Suffers from depression when unmedicated. Lost both legs in a pre-Crash car wreck. Has a pair of early cyber legs that have malfunctioned, and now harbor malicious software due to lack of post-Crash firmware/security upgrades.
  • The Zuck (contact). Infobroker/ID forging/professional stalker. Possibly lives in the Puget Sound area, but has only connected with Wellington online. Asked to get paid in an obscure cryptocred once.
  • Mal (contact). Cyberarms/exploit broker. Sold Wellington a sploit kit to crack the encryption on a radio signal from a DHQS safehouse. Has only interacted remotely, behind a voice distortion device
  • The Loaded Dice, Wellington's taker crew

other details

  • plans to retire from the Loss to Alaska
  • Has a charitable, but Mormon, cousin living in Alaska that he intends to ask for rent/safehouse space when he moves to Alaska
  • hopes to initially work some laborious warehouse sort of job at a Walmart shipping dock (or whereever) to initially pay the bills/provide for Billy's prosthetic replacements/repairs
  • lives in the shell of their old Subaru
  • now wants to rescue ALL THE BOOKS (but, in particular, the special archived items) from the downtown Everett library